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Suri Alpacas

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If you are going to grow a garden (or flowers...or trees....just about anything), you need ruminant manure. 

* Animals with multi-compartment stomach systems break down their diet rigorously.
* Alpaca manure is known for creating less weeds and better plants. 
* It provides a slow continuous feed without "burning" your tender plants. Mix into your soil before planting or use as a side dressing. 

Manure is composted a minimum of 1 year. There will be some small rocks, but these will help with drainage around your plants and ease soil compaction.

We will load your regular size pickup truck bed with composted alpaca manure. 
Trailers and larger trucks are welcome, but the price will vary depending on size. Discuss price before we load. 

Contact our office to schedule (615) 452-7852
Saturdays Available.
Alpaca Manure Available. 
It is time to prepare your soil before winter. Read more below.    
Come Get A Scoop...of Alpaca Poop!